Friday, November 20, 2009

Invalid memory location error with PHP, IIS and MS SQL/ My SQL

Invalid memory location error with PHP, IIS 5.1 and MS SQL Server 2005

There can be multiple reasons for this error:

@ Please recheck all the configurations settings that are suggested in PHP।CONFIG file that have been suggested when you install PHP on IIS Server with MS SQL Server 2005.

@ Also, check that you have loaded all extension dll’s in the phproot\ext\ folder and you have installed MS SQL server driver for PHP.

@ The most common reason for this error is because of the “ntwdblib.dll”. If you decide to use MS SQL server with PHP, you need to replace the default version of ntwdblib.dll file with the version number 2000.80.194.0. You can either get this MS SQL installation discs. Install the prerequisite files from Disc1 and it will install all needed dll’s. Or, you can download it from

@ Run IISRESET command and then check your application.

@ If you are getting this error message with the My SQL, then it may be the case that the My SQL version is not compatible with the PHP version and you will need to upgrade My SQL to the higher version.

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